Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Auchterlonie, Betsy  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1429
2 Auchterlonie, Catherine  1879Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1760
3 Auchterlonie, Charles  1884Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1762
4 Auchterlonie, Eliza  1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1427
5 Auchterlonie, Ellen  1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1761
6 Auchterlonie, John  1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I137
7 Auchterlonie, Magdalene  1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1426
8 Auchterlonie, Mary  1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1759
9 Auchterlonie, Mary Ellen  1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1648
10 Auchterlonie, Sabella  1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1428
11 Blatchley, Charles George James  27 Dec 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I5324
12 Blois, John Sydney  2 Feb 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4105
13 Bore, Charles  1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1850
14 Bore, Eleanor  1887Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1849
15 Bore, Esther  1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1852
16 Bore, George  2 Oct 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1847
17 Bore, George  1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1851
18 Bore, Margaret  1884Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1848
19 Connell, Ada Louisa  1 Sep 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1774
20 Connell, Henry Forbes  14 Nov 1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1775
21 Connell, James Herbert  20 Jun 1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1773
22 Diggle, Edward Alban  9 Aug 1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1769
23 Diggle, John Harold  10 Jan 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1770
24 Diggle, Joseph Arthur  14 Feb 1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1771
25 Forbes, Cecilia Auchterlonie  24 Sep 1863Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1641
26 Forbes, Elizabeth  1873Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1645
27 Forbes, James  1868Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1643
28 Forbes, John Henry  1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1644
29 Forbes, Mary Jane  2 Apr 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1640
30 Forbes, Sabella Janet  16 Jun 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1642
31 Ford, Catherine  1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1757
32 Hemer, Mary  1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1765
33 McMurray, Ernest William  1909Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1897
34 McMurray, Ivy Isabella  1906Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1896
35 McMurray, Mary  1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1895
36 Moultrie, David  1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1858
37 Moultrie, George  1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1859
38 Moultrie, James  1885Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1860
39 Oswald, Anne Isabella  14 Nov 1848Liverpool, Lancashire, England I91
40 Oswald, Margaret Jane  16 Sep 1850Liverpool, Lancashire, England I326
41 Patterson, John Francis  1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I25542
42 Scogings, Alfred  16 Jul 1888Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
43 Scogings, James  19 Jul 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I18
44 Scogings, John  31 Jan 1886Liverpool, Lancashire, England I16
45 Scogings, Sarah Ann  6 Dec 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I15
46 Scogings, Thomas  16 Nov 1779Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14
47 Waters, Cecilia Auchterlonie  11 Oct 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Blois, Alice Charlotte  21 Mar 1883Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4106
2 Blois, John Sydney  20 Feb 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I4105
3 Bore, George  4 Feb 1855Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1679
4 Bore, George  2 Dec 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1847
5 Connell, Ada Louisa  30 Sep 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1774
6 Connell, Henry Forbes  13 Dec 1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1775
7 Connell, James Herbert  20 Jul 1890Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1773
8 Diggle, Edward Alban  10 Sep 1893Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1769
9 Diggle, John Harold  17 Feb 1895Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1770
10 Diggle, Joseph Arthur  18 Apr 1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1771
11 Diggle, Mary Lilian  10 Jul 1898Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1772
12 Forbes, Mary Jane  18 May 1862Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1640
13 Forbes, Sabella Janet  16 Jul 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1642
14 Waters, Cecilia Auchterlonie  12 Nov 1865Liverpool, Lancashire, England I140


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Auchterlonie, Charles  1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I138
2 Auchterlonie, John  24 Jul 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I284
3 Diggle, James Edward  27 Jul 1918Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1767
4 Diggle, Joseph Arthur  1897Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1771
5 Forbes, Sabella Janet  18 May 1939Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1642
6 Oswald, Jane  5 May 1849Liverpool, Lancashire, England I66
7 Scogings, Alfred  1952Liverpool, Lancashire, England I17
8 Scogings, James  1903Liverpool, Lancashire, England I11
9 Scogings, Thomas  1949Liverpool, Lancashire, England I14
10 Waters, Sibella  1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Auchterlonie, David  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I285
2 Auchterlonie, David  1871Liverpool, Lancashire, England I285
3 Auchterlonie, John  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I284
4 Auchterlonie, John  1851Liverpool, Lancashire, England I224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Page, Susan  23 Apr 1861Liverpool, Lancashire, England I191
2 Scogings, William Bye  11 Apr 1859Liverpool, Lancashire, England I190


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Auchterlonie, John  12 Aug 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England I284


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Auchterlonie / Bell  18 May 1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England F25
2 Auchterlonie / Hemer  30 May 1869Liverpool, Lancashire, England F595
3 Auchterlonie / Smith  19 Jul 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England F103
4 Bore / Auchterlonie  13 Nov 1882Liverpool, Lancashire, England F560
5 Diggle / Forbes  12 Sep 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England F597
6 Hockaday / Bore  30 Dec 1906Liverpool, Lancashire, England F621
7 Lattimer / Auchterlonie  3 Nov 1844Liverpool, Lancashire, England F481
8 McMurray / Oswald  14 Jun 1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England F77
9 Staig / Moultrie  20 Sep 1913Liverpool, Lancashire, England F623
10 Thomas / McMurray  1900Liverpool, Lancashire, England F617