Researching Ancestors in the 21st Century

From England to the United States to Switzerland and back again

Scoggins, Mckenzie, Jaggi, Stettler - over 500 different surnames in the database
Many cousin lines pre 1900 and growing - Feel free to contribute
Principal towns - Recherswil in Switzerland; Badingham in Suffolk; Dalbeattie in Scotland

Parish Church of Urr


Never before has there been so many resources available to everyone for tracing ancestry and learning about the history of countries around the world. It is a learning process to grasp all the technology and resources that can used to our advantage. Only by combining our knowledge can this project succeed. The current goal is to create a family tree with all the cousin relationships to 1900. This is an ambitious project. Not all these lines are related, but they all lead back to me or you in cousin relationships.

The Scoggins line branches from the 25 children of two brothers, William and Thomas, living in Badingham. 17 of them lived to old age and many of them had large families. Their are numerous cousins connected to this tree. The Flory line is also starting to take shape. It connects into the Scoggins line back in 1738.

The Mckenzie and Oswald line is a Scottish line. The Mckenzie line is limited, but recently a new branch has been found in Canada. This line also has a connection to Ireland. The Oswald line centers in Fifeshire and is limited due to research difficulties. The research on these lines in challenging.

The Jaggi and Stettler line immigrated from Switzerland to Utah in the early 1900's. The Jaggi's heimat was Recherswil and the Stettlers was Bolligen. There is different terminology and customs in Swiss research. The language barrier makes it a bit challenging. They spoke German.

The Brown and Hyatt line originates in colonial America in the 1700's and the Southern United States. Much research has been done, but more can be done. They lived through the Civil War and the Revolutionary Wars and help develop the frontier.